FAQ about our products and technology

What kind of the material do you use?
We use carbon steel for cold forging; coiled material and bar material. (JIS: S10C~S45C, SCM415~SCM440, SCR420 etc.)
As for nonferrous metals, we have had the experience of using aluminum (coiled and bar) and copper strip (coiled).
But as for hard materials as stainless steel and titanium, we are promoting the development of the molding technology of these materials.
How much is the available size?
The size that is available in us is φ25 - φ100, and less than 120mm in total length.
Because it depends on a shape, please let us know concrete size at first.
What is an advantage of cold forging?
Cold forging means forging to mold with normal temperature, without heating the material.
Because the metal’s flow (grain flow) is not cut in the method of cold forging, the wear resistance improves. In addition, it realizes high precision and it is possible to omit a process in the cutting process (following the forging process), and to decrease a man-hour. It’s called Net shape processing, or Near net shape processing.
How much is the minimum lot?
It depends on materials, shape and weight, but our minimum lot is 500 pcs/lot when we can agree the cost.
Is it possible to estimate to finished product (not only the forging process)?
We design and manufacture from forging process to cutting process, so we are able to estimate to finished product.
Although we use cutting processing machine for a part which needs high precision, we will do our best to realize Net shape or Near net shape with our forging technology.

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