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Forging for thinning with ditch

With development of a new method (unification of 2pcs into 1pc) for forming of thin ditch of speaker part by forging, improvement in performance and yield as well as reduction of forging process by decrease of magnetic flux can be realized.

Combined hot/cold forging

Cutting on flatness is not required with securing of dimensional accuracy and flatness by performing cold forging on hot forging parts.

Unified forming

Unification of plural parts wipes away uneasy element on welding and clamping to reliability.

Net shape manufacturing

Net shape manufacturing method makes it possible to reduce cutting process. Tolerance of 3/100(30μ) precision of forged product can be made, depending upon part and position.
In case that finished face by forging is acceptable, reduction of cutting time can be realized, namely this manufacturing method contributes to “Cost cutting”, “Energy saving” and “Saving resources”.

Controlled Cold Forging

A high precision helical gear, less shear drop manufactured by processing speed and back control of special servo press, is offered.

Sintered Cold Forging

Taking advantage of characteristics of powder metallurgy that forming in high precision and of complicated shape can be made, product with high precision and intensity manufactured by cold forging forming of sintered object by servo press is now introduced.


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